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Posted by brendanstallard on June 8, 2017

We moved to Kentucky, a most rural place, just outside of Bardstown called Coxs Creek. We have lots of acres, far more than we could reasonably use and we share part of it with a local tobacco farmer.

While, I’ve never been a smoker, it is interesting watching the tobacco grow. It goes in about 3 inches tall and three months later it is between 6 ft and 8 ft tall.



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Posted by brendanstallard on November 3, 2006

Its cold outside, and inside:) Some of that cold air whipped down yesterday from Canada, (blame Canada-again). Is it my imagination, or do large changes of temperature take place these days in comparison with the past?

Yesterday: Momma went off to some singing gig with her church choir to Toccoa Falls in mountain GA. Toccoa Falls is situated way up in the hills: yet for some reason has a massive college there for teaching religious kids how to be a minister in churches. A mate of mine from NY, his kid went there. I took him and Martha his mum up there one time and its a loooong way from Atlanta.


It meant she would be away for one night: and just before she went, she came out with one of her bitter little comments that litter life with her. She told Susan that I had said: “Its nicer here without her”.

Now, a problem throughout my life is misinterpretation of what I actually say: but in truth there is no logical way I could or would have said such a thing. Its not in my character or nature to say something so villainous and impolite, I’m just not built that way.

The more I become aware of human relationships and communication, however, I note that people are determined at various points to have that fight and that must hang it on something. Most things are down to attitude, and if someone is determined to have a crack, have that crack they will.

Like dealing with noisy children: you just have to ignore it till they stop wailing.

Which doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. It does.

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Posted by brendanstallard on October 31, 2006

Time to vote in Atlanta



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Posted by brendanstallard on October 31, 2006

Some days its just hard to be optimistic, eh? Last night I took an anti histamine called Zyrtec. Its supposed to be a non drowsy thing, but anti histamines just knock me off my socks completely. I’ve been like a zombie all day, part of the reasoning for this blog is to remind me not to make the same mistakes again. This is one of those posts………………


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Posted by brendanstallard on October 31, 2006

Tracey was on the Skype tonight talking through her frustrations and anger about the fact of my unwillingness to work as some sort of pet carer for her. I don’t mind looking after one pet animal, but I don’t see my job, as her arms and legs as some form of “worker” for her. Doing ancillary tasks like walking dogs as a profession for her, or stuffing envelopes, or doing things outside the work that involves Tracey.

We’ve discussed this endlessly, but she just doesn’t get it. I think she thinks that if she keeps going on about something without surcease, it’ll change things, but it won’t. It isn’t necessarily that working for Tracey is hard work, (it is) but that I just have no interest in working in an ancillary job for her. I won’t do it, and that is an end to it, but the arguments won’t end.

I don’t quite know if she knows how frustrating this is for me, but here’s hoping she gets it out of her system sooner rather than later. I tried to respond with her, but after a while it gets hard and I’m not well right now. So I just quit and closed down Skype.

No doubt I will pay for that later, but I’m not at work right now, I see no reason why someone has the right to call me up and be angry with me when I’m not working. If someone wants to share time with me, fine, then keep it nice. If someone wants to be angry and vent, I’m afraid its just not the ticket to get on Skype and whinge away.

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Posted by brendanstallard on October 30, 2006

Surprising how often thoughts for the blog come while doing other things when a keyboard is as far from the scene as is possible. Today’s was while doing the mowing of the back lawn, an activity I loathe. If I lived my life again, I would never waste any time mowing grass: an absolutely stupid activity unless it is directly related to playing cricket. I would never do it again if I didn’t have to, and if I had my life over again, I would not. I would not get into relationships which insisted that I do, and I would make it quite plain on the first date that I don’t mow lawns.

I get absolutely zero joy out of a scalped and organized garden, it just doesn’t satisfy any of the desire for beauty. I much more appreciate efficiency. I can’t see why we wouldn’t be planting potatoes and tomatoes in the front yard, rather than the useless greensward. Its useful for feeding ruminants and some insects, I suppose but mostly lawn lovers pour a disgusting mix of toxic substances on it to “green it up”.

Anyway, here’s a few pics of the yard………zzzzzzzzz





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Posted by brendanstallard on October 29, 2006

I got some sleep last night, thanks be: we banished two of the more exciteable cats to the basement and froze up the bedroom to a level that suits me.

I don’t know why I was born with a capacity for cold that seems way above other people, it was worse when I was a kid, and I was thin then. Thomas, my nephew, Siobhans boy was the same and he’d whip his clothes off at any opportunity. Must just be built with a bigger fire inside, I suppose.

Susan (Van Winkle) will get into bed with me, all cold as a frozen chip and cuddle up, absorbing my heat. Less than three minutes later: she’ll be running away to the other side of the monster bed, saying: “Phoa, get away from me, you’re too hot!”.

Today: I did the laundry and took a few photographs outside where the fall colours are quite nice. Here’s one of baby mucking about on the deck.


Here’s one of the view up the street, from the back deck, nice eh?


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Posted by brendanstallard on October 27, 2006

Susan got into one of her paddies last night, obsessed to the max: when she starts something absolutely nothing can get her to stop and come to bed/lunch/whatever. Normally someone to come to bed at maybe 8pm, rarely later than 9pm, last night she finally went up the wooden hill at 0100hours.

This was all because Madam has lost a LOT of weight and now has had to throw away millions clothes which no longer fit, and of course, buy new ones. So: Madam was cataloguing all her clothing into what and how to wear. There are clothes EVERYWHERE in the house, across sofas, windows, hanging off bannisters and of course, damn it all, all across the damn bed, especially my side.

Uh, wimmin, can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

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Posted by brendanstallard on October 27, 2006

Shameless theft department: I nicked this off of Nick Scipio’s page on the web http://www.nickscipio.com

All police officers should be equipped with this particular item:


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Posted by brendanstallard on October 26, 2006

Thursday, October 26, 20067:15 PM

I Detest Fix Up!

Momma decided that today she was going to have the outside yard work done by her working stiffs. She doesn’t understand that we have our own schedules, and plans but expects us to down tools and go “do” for her. This leads to tensions: because she becomes extremely crabby when she gets refused or more likely delayed. Susan and me both decided that Saturday was going to be our day yard working and that did not suit Momma, and she let me know.

There are these false shutters on the windows, they don’t operate and of course, as the house is twenty years old, the combined battering of Atlanta’s fierce weather and poor quality construction has caused the shutters to be merely hanging off. So they regularly rattle around.

When they were built, they were merely nailed into the soft mortar between the brickwork. The mortar is now as soft as butter and crumbling away, so the nails are falling out. Its just astonishing crapsville building, the nails are masonry nails just banged in with a nail gun and half of them are bent off where the idiot builder tried to bang them into the brick instead of the mortar so they just don’t affix to anything. Fixing it is dangerous because it means getting up on a bleeding ladder and its a long way up there. I don’t fancy it one bit, but then I don’t fancy “fix a fence” of any nature.

I’d generally get a professional in, they have insurance, tools and experience. Its cheaper in the long run.

Anyway, I’ve tickled the bloody thing back into shape with the simple means of screwing a bloody long and fat screw into the one that had fallen round and no doubt now that will be my accursed job for ever. Its like fixing your girlfriends car: don’t do it!

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