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Back home in Atlanta

Posted by brendanstallard on October 14, 2006

I arrived back to Atlanta on Tuesday, exhausted from the stress and worries of working in the UK and the upcoming aggravation of putting in our tax forms with the CPA: Grand Tony. In England, on the occasions I had dealings with accountants to try and work out ones “tax planning”, I got the distinct impression that they were more like gatekeepers for the government than someone working for my best benefit.

Here in the states, it is not at all similar, our CPA is a tiger on our behalf seeking to ensure that we pay the least amount of taxes, yet remain within the law and practice of the state. Its quite a difference in emphasis.

This year I was particularly worried, after five years of losing money in the limousine game, I had to make a profit, therefore expenses were not so free: plus, nothing was clear as to which expenses would be allowed and which not. So, it was very confusing. I had also earned a fair bit of dough in the UK, and would have to pay UK taxes and USA taxes on the lot: so it could have been a very big bummer.

As it was, not too bad. Rough, and expensive, but not too bad and a much better idea as to how things will be next year, and you can be assured expenses will be well to the fore:)

This here below is “baby” cat, who is in a world of selfish, self absorbed cats: one seriously self absorbed cat:)

When she came to us, she was one of those abandoned groups of cats whose mothers just walk off and leave them. We looked after the crapping and widdling mobsters till they’d ruined my office completely and peed on everything, and parcelled them out to other carers, but for some reason Baby attached herself to me.

She’s had the best of everything and consequently considers that always it will be so, the queen of all she surveys, she is aloof and expects and generally gets just exactly what she wants. This picture shows exactly how she is, self satisfied and supremely happy.

Baby Cat Herself.


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