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Damned religion, again.

Posted by brendanstallard on October 15, 2006

Religion, again.

It makes people into such idiots, over complete and utter crap.
I hate _all_ religion, not the people involved, but the religion itself. I genuinely believe its a not much more than a way of keeping people enslaved and servants to other people, and being a right old socialist (lite) I hate that for sure.
Now we have the woman who interviewed to be a teacher (in front of a man) without her caboosh on, but now won’t teach the children without the face hider. We also have the woman at one of the London airport check in staff who wants to wear a crucifix, and they’ve told her to take it off: so both are now suspended. Not, thankfully from gibbets, yet.

Its a big issue, and its such crap really. I give some credence to the issue of communication if yer a teacher, but the lass and her crucifix, well what nonsense? Folks just should learn to grow up.


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