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A Thumbs Up For Audible.com

Posted by brendanstallard on October 15, 2006

The things I would not be without these days:

1. Audible.com

I love to read, but with advancing age and eyesight going to the dogs, its not the endless fun it used to be. I’m not thrilled about having buds in my ears a lot of the time, but it works after a fashion. I sometimes get concerned and when I’m out on the streets, or on public transport, I tend to wear just a single earpiece. One of those things that hang off the outside of the ear. Call me paranoid if you like, but I’ve always been very aware of people and things around my periphery and hearing is a huge part of that sensory appreciation, so one ear is all my audible books get when I’m out:)

Audible itself is a pleasure to deal with, they aren’t fussy like certain online music sites I will refer to later and have a real tech support with real people there to deal with the remarkably few problems I’ve had dealing with the software and site.

I am an inveterate hard disk re-imager, and I always forget to de-authorize the computer and I need to get them to rejig the numbers. Its just a tech thing for them, throw a switch here and there, and I am one of the honest customers.

I don’t share my stuff with others because I want Audible to succeed and prosper, that way they’ll keep going and I can keep getting audible books for an affordable price. They seem to be reasonable, helpful people and to be honest, they are the sort of people I’d want to work for and with.

So: in short, if you like audible books, you can’t beat Audible.com and no they didn’t pay me for this squawk.

You want to see me moan and complain, ask me about Ipods and Itunes, a group of the most worthless people on the planet…later.

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