A Quiet Normal Life

A life lived half in Atlanta, half in London

Posted by brendanstallard on October 17, 2006

Today is Tax Day, gotta make sure we get all the ducks in a row today. Scary…….ever since I’ve known Susan, we’ve always had this nonsense of scrabbling around on the final day, trying to get a postal date of the final day on the letter. We’re not alone, the post offices are stuffed solid from morning till night.

Completely insane, because in my case, we could get it done in June and still get the supposed advantages of the extension which we apply for automatically through the CPA. Next year I am going to drag her along to the CPA in June. I swear I will:)

Tonight the internet, through comcast slowed right down to below dial up speed, for the second night in a row: can’t open any darn thing.


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