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Posted by brendanstallard on October 18, 2006

Blood pressure back to normal this morning, dunno what caused that minor spike last night when it went up to 144/75, was back down to 107/65 this morning: much more like it.

Mind, it didn’t do a great deal for my blood pressure to see this thing wandering across my carpet floor just as the today programme was finishing.

There are, apparently two dodgy spiders in GA the black widow and the brown recluse



This clearly was neither of those: so I trapped it in the glass as you can see above and put it gently outside on the deck.

I don’t quite know why, but I have a horror of bugs of any sort. I just don’t like them, maybe as a result of being very attractive to the biting sort. I have nothing against them, but along with rattlesnakes and alligators and all large predatory species: the only place I want ever to see them is on the television. I just don’t want to share space with ’em, ya know?

I note the websites above state that extra care with vacuuming will help to keep them away. You can be sure the office will get the hoovering of its LIFE today and hereafter:)

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