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Posted by brendanstallard on October 26, 2006

Thursday, October 26, 20067:15 PM

The trials of using cellphones across borders, agonizing and expensive. One day this too will pass into technological history and be forgotten, and as likely we will forget how the cellphone companies gave us a right royal wallet burning, in the meantime we’re all addicted to the damn things and being in contact.

When I quit the limo’s, I decided there and then to be finally done with the accursed things. In the limo trade, you’re always desperate for work, and contact is the only way you are going to get it: so people in the limo biz never sleep. When I retired from the cops, I was so pleased to be away from the blasted “pip” of the radio. It never brought you anything you wanted to hear, just some awful mares nest. I was very glad to be rid of that thing believe me.

Come the limo, the Motorola phones they use are phones, but they also have that radio facility which weirdly enough works better than the phone. So that I’ve actually had conversations with the boss when she was in the middle of Times Square NY over the radio, but I can’t get through to my downtown office via the phone. I hate sitting in restaurants where men have the damn things pipping through meals……grrrrr. I hate the things full time.

I purchased a Nokia 6320i in the UK and they told me it would work, on roaming (at great expense) in the USA as well as in the UK. Well, it didn’t. It could receive a bit, but it was expensive and worthless.

So: I fooled around on Ebay and found a pay as you go SIM card that offered to work, and believe it or not, it did. Straight out of the box. T-mobile do a service whereby if you buy $100 worth of calls, the thing will last a full year. So: $100 bux later and I have 1000 minutes to last a year, and a local phone number. So: actually not too bad. All I have to do now is NOT lose the SIM cards. Hah, we shall see about that!

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