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Posted by brendanstallard on October 26, 2006

Thursday, October 26, 20067:15 PM

I Detest Fix Up!

Momma decided that today she was going to have the outside yard work done by her working stiffs. She doesn’t understand that we have our own schedules, and plans but expects us to down tools and go “do” for her. This leads to tensions: because she becomes extremely crabby when she gets refused or more likely delayed. Susan and me both decided that Saturday was going to be our day yard working and that did not suit Momma, and she let me know.

There are these false shutters on the windows, they don’t operate and of course, as the house is twenty years old, the combined battering of Atlanta’s fierce weather and poor quality construction has caused the shutters to be merely hanging off. So they regularly rattle around.

When they were built, they were merely nailed into the soft mortar between the brickwork. The mortar is now as soft as butter and crumbling away, so the nails are falling out. Its just astonishing crapsville building, the nails are masonry nails just banged in with a nail gun and half of them are bent off where the idiot builder tried to bang them into the brick instead of the mortar so they just don’t affix to anything. Fixing it is dangerous because it means getting up on a bleeding ladder and its a long way up there. I don’t fancy it one bit, but then I don’t fancy “fix a fence” of any nature.

I’d generally get a professional in, they have insurance, tools and experience. Its cheaper in the long run.

Anyway, I’ve tickled the bloody thing back into shape with the simple means of screwing a bloody long and fat screw into the one that had fallen round and no doubt now that will be my accursed job for ever. Its like fixing your girlfriends car: don’t do it!


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