A Quiet Normal Life

A life lived half in Atlanta, half in London

Posted by brendanstallard on October 31, 2006

Tracey was on the Skype tonight talking through her frustrations and anger about the fact of my unwillingness to work as some sort of pet carer for her. I don’t mind looking after one pet animal, but I don’t see my job, as her arms and legs as some form of “worker” for her. Doing ancillary tasks like walking dogs as a profession for her, or stuffing envelopes, or doing things outside the work that involves Tracey.

We’ve discussed this endlessly, but she just doesn’t get it. I think she thinks that if she keeps going on about something without surcease, it’ll change things, but it won’t. It isn’t necessarily that working for Tracey is hard work, (it is) but that I just have no interest in working in an ancillary job for her. I won’t do it, and that is an end to it, but the arguments won’t end.

I don’t quite know if she knows how frustrating this is for me, but here’s hoping she gets it out of her system sooner rather than later. I tried to respond with her, but after a while it gets hard and I’m not well right now. So I just quit and closed down Skype.

No doubt I will pay for that later, but I’m not at work right now, I see no reason why someone has the right to call me up and be angry with me when I’m not working. If someone wants to share time with me, fine, then keep it nice. If someone wants to be angry and vent, I’m afraid its just not the ticket to get on Skype and whinge away.


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