A Quiet Normal Life

A life lived half in Atlanta, half in London

Posted by brendanstallard on November 3, 2006

Its cold outside, and inside:) Some of that cold air whipped down yesterday from Canada, (blame Canada-again). Is it my imagination, or do large changes of temperature take place these days in comparison with the past?

Yesterday: Momma went off to some singing gig with her church choir to Toccoa Falls in mountain GA. Toccoa Falls is situated way up in the hills: yet for some reason has a massive college there for teaching religious kids how to be a minister in churches. A mate of mine from NY, his kid went there. I took him and Martha his mum up there one time and its a loooong way from Atlanta.


It meant she would be away for one night: and just before she went, she came out with one of her bitter little comments that litter life with her. She told Susan that I had said: “Its nicer here without her”.

Now, a problem throughout my life is misinterpretation of what I actually say: but in truth there is no logical way I could or would have said such a thing. Its not in my character or nature to say something so villainous and impolite, I’m just not built that way.

The more I become aware of human relationships and communication, however, I note that people are determined at various points to have that fight and that must hang it on something. Most things are down to attitude, and if someone is determined to have a crack, have that crack they will.

Like dealing with noisy children: you just have to ignore it till they stop wailing.

Which doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. It does.


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  1. Hi Brendan, we are new to your blog finding you by way of mutual blogging friend Piper Bayard. We enjoyed your comments on her post concerning the firearms debate, feeling as though you had the most decisive and challenging of remarks and decided to check you out. Your post, was definitely relatable for me. I have at least two relatives that seem to have a quota they must meet for the day. And filling it by riling me up. I’ve learned how to side-step their remarks like a soldier would land-mines & so when I’m not filling their daily drama quest they back off. Hope you can side-step as well and just remember. When someones baiting you like that, more than likely they are sad or having a bad day. We look forward to stopping by more often & reading your posts as well as bumping into you at mutal networking sites and comments. Thx

  2. Good to know you guys are doing great and for me painkiller or not,it’s the greatest thing a human can do together with God.Am in transit in HK now an Click http://pepij.nl/worker100645

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