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Posted by brendanstallard on October 17, 2006

Madonna adopted a baby from Malawi, a poor and grotty corrupt nation. Madonna has lots of folding green and the world is made up of 5.99 billion people who want some of it from her. She dropped a dime or two to the characters involved and spirited the kid off the Heathrow. Now people are squealing. Whaffor? Big money doesn’t talk, it swears and it just about always get what it wants.

The kid is likely to have a better life than the one he’s got now, so what the heck are people bitching about. Madonna may have a crapulous voice and the acting skills of a turd on skunk, but she’s loaded and will likely have nannies aplenty for the kid, and send it to a decent school.

Grrrr, people don’t have enough to do, better we spend some of our ill gotten shekels on the starving of Malawi.


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