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Posted by brendanstallard on October 15, 2006

[Cats]This here is Sophia, who is a very friendly cat indeed. Something which has gotten her into terrible trouble in the past. She stayed out all night and either fell out of a tree or got hit by something on the right eye, which robbed her of sight in that eye. She seems to be not too troubled by it, and is as happy as a clam when we sing to her and pet her. She comes out to greet us on arrival and rolls around in delight on the concrete. Of such simple pleasures we could all learn, eh?

This picture was taken before dawn one freezing morning when I had wanted to take a picture of Susans pepper plant in flash conditions…and I had gotten up at 02.30 hours (don’t ask, jet blag). Sophie always wants to be out and about pestering bugs and anything else in the garden, she has to be ‘doing’, so seeing me mucking about on the deck/patio decided to come along and offer whatever assistance I would need:)




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