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Posted by brendanstallard on October 17, 2006

Travelling……….What to do, what to do.

Another big hoo hah today from the gathering bunch of grotty greenies moaning about people using airplanes. They say that planes are screwing up the atmosphere quicker than anything else. I’ll bet their childrens arses are expanding due to a constant diet of short school runs in the back of the car. I’m convinced that the whole thing, or at least a lot of the whole thing is a government induced guilt wave in order for el governmento to ride to the rescue bearing further taxes on those villians who dare to fly and use the ghastly gaz guzzling, nasty jets.

Odd that: just when flight got cheap enough for the commoner to use on a regular basis, the neanderthals want to go back to the horse. As I live my life and work intercontinentally and hope to do so for a little while longer, frankly, I’d prefer flights to remain cheap thank you very much, and cheap they ain’t.

Bugger the greenies, let ’em go and eat their sodding lentils and meditate in silence, leaving the rest of us alone.


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