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Posted by brendanstallard on October 29, 2006

I got some sleep last night, thanks be: we banished two of the more exciteable cats to the basement and froze up the bedroom to a level that suits me.

I don’t know why I was born with a capacity for cold that seems way above other people, it was worse when I was a kid, and I was thin then. Thomas, my nephew, Siobhans boy was the same and he’d whip his clothes off at any opportunity. Must just be built with a bigger fire inside, I suppose.

Susan (Van Winkle) will get into bed with me, all cold as a frozen chip and cuddle up, absorbing my heat. Less than three minutes later: she’ll be running away to the other side of the monster bed, saying: “Phoa, get away from me, you’re too hot!”.

Today: I did the laundry and took a few photographs outside where the fall colours are quite nice. Here’s one of baby mucking about on the deck.


Here’s one of the view up the street, from the back deck, nice eh?



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